First Episode is now FREE on YouTube

We’ve decided to make the Pilot episode free!

Why would we do that?

Well, there are a couple very good reasons. First of all, we always wanted to just give the show away and let people contribute if they liked it. But we thought it would better to put it up on and iTunes because:

1) they have the resources to be able to help with any playback or technical issues
2) they have way deeper pockets to pay for things like bandwidth
3) they make it easy to watch the show on a big screen TV or projector

We planned to have the show available two months ago, but it wasn’t in the cards. You see, those sites make it incredibly difficult for independent producers to publish. We jumped through hoop after hoop like trained circus seals and while iTunes finally gave us the OK (after 2 months in queue), Amazon couldn’t even get the audio to play. It’s still up over there…with no audio.

We figured that we’d have the show available for 2 months before the Kickstarter, but it wasn’t to be. And we feel weird asking people to pay $1.99 to watch a show in order to figure out if they like it enough to contribute to the Kickstarter. So there you have it. The whole sordid tale. The big guys are not out for the little guy. So we’re going guerrilla. The show’s on YouTube. Please check it out. We’re super proud of it and want to keep going. Won’t you help?